How Can Color-Changing Wraps Revitalize My Vehicle Fleet?

One of the most important things business owners can do with their vehicle fleet is to keep them visually engaging and appealing enough to draw the attention of potential customers. Some owners will focus on painting their vehicles, using their branding, and putting pertinent information onto their vehicles — think contact number, what services they offer, and the like. However, painting each car can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. 

Additionally, the paint will fade over time, phone numbers change, and updating each vehicle with new information and paint takes their vehicles off the road and can affect their bottom line. Do business owners have viable alternatives to these time-consuming paint jobs? Thanks to the color-changing wraps offered by TradeWraps, now they do!

What Is a Color-Changing Wrap?

Color-changing wraps are simple in concept but highly effective in practice. Instead of repainting your entire vehicle in a new color, applying a color-changing wrap transforms your vehicle from a drab and boring color to something much more vibrant — making grabbing the attention of potential customers much easier. 

If you are a business with multiple vehicles in your fleet, you want your cars to stand out when they’re in the field. Each vehicle operates as a mobile billboard for your business and draws the attention of passersby. With one of our custom wraps for your cars, you get the benefits and appearance of a fresh paint job but more dynamism from the vehicle’s appearance. 

Color-changing wraps are generally made from high-quality vinyl materials that protect your vehicle’s original paint. These wraps offer a low maintenance option and a new exciting color while saving you money compared to repainting your entire fleet. 

Save Time on Maintenance

Every vehicle in your fleet requires different levels of maintenance based on various factors — everything from how often it’s in the field, the local climate, and more. You need to stay on top of paint chipping, dents, and dirt accumulation with a standard paint job. However, with a color-change wrap, your maintenance routine looks drastically different. 

With a color-changing wrap, hand washing will help preserve your wrap for the long haul. Intense brush automatic car washes could potentially tear your freshly installed vinyl. 

Save Money on the Application

When it comes to refurbishing an entire fleet of vehicles, finding ways to save money can prove incredibly helpful. Compared to a fresh paint job, color change wraps are far less expensive and provide similar benefits to your fleet’s overall appearance. Additionally, these wraps can stand the test of time with proper care and maintenance. A color-change wrap can last between five to seven years before you need a replacement. 

Enhanced Protection

Whenever your vehicles go into the field, they’re subjected to wear and tear from their surroundings. Rocks, dirt, sun damage, snow, and more can all wear down your vehicle’s paint and cause you to repaint it before you would normally have to. With a color-change wrap, your vehicle’s underlying paint will be protected from the elements. The wrap acts as a defense for your vehicle’s paint, and when you decide to remove the wrap, the paint job will look the same as the day you got it. 

A Brand-New Look

Customizing vehicles with a vinyl wrap is all about giving your fleet a new look. Combining a color-changing vehicle wrap with custom designs means you can give your vehicle a breath of fresh air. The vinyl film allows businesses to have partial wraps and full vehicle wraps that highlight their branding. Still, if they need to make changes, our wrap services can make the necessary changes quickly and efficiently. 

Trust TradeWraps With Your Next Color-Changing Vinyl Vehicle Wraps

Find a vinyl wrapping company that can help give your fleet a custom car wrap that stands out from the competition and draws in potential customers. With TradeWraps, we can deliver your fleet the dynamic and attention-grabbing color-changing wraps that bring your team the right kind of attention. Contact us to get a quote and start the process!

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