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LEGEND: Improving the Ride for the Legends of the Road

Legend is an industry-leading cargo van flooring, liner, and accessory brand. Legend products are built to outlast the life of the vehicle and maximize driver safety and comfort. Premium quality products, all made in North America. What we at TradeWraps LOVE about Legend when it comes to upfitting is their Securilocks, the new unbreachable van lock!
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Secure Your Team's Tools with Legend's Securilock

Discover the ultimate cargo van security with the Legend SecuriLock, the top-tier van lock designed for maximum protection, installed by TradeWraps. Crafted from hardened steel with anti-cutting and anti-drilling features, and coated in weatherproof zinc and nickel, this lock is rigorously tested to thwart criminal attempts. The high-security keys add an extra layer of confidence, ensuring that your cargo remains secure. This is probably the favorite out of our vehicle upfitting services.

Choose from 2 Premium Variants of these Van Locks by Legend

  1. The Slam Lock variant, a high-security solution that automatically locks upon slamming the door, necessitating the use of a key for reopening. Ideal for cargo vans in high-crime areas that demand consistent locking, this feature offers drivers peace of mind, ensuring the door is secured with every closure.
  2. On the other hand, the versatile Dead Lock provides dual functionality. Turning the key to the right disengages the lock, preventing it from automatically locking upon door closure until reset. Tailored for vehicles requiring continuous protection during frequent stops, such as those engaged in last-mile delivery, this version balances security with operational convenience.

Legend Flooring

Regardless of the van or upfit, the floor is the first piece of equipment that is installed. Legend rigid floors are industry-leading, field-proven, and are built for withstanding every-day use from all operators, tools, and cargo.
Plywood has been the go-to material for lining cargo vans for a long time. It’s rigid, seems readily available and is cheap. But it’s also got a short lifecycle. Composite on the other side is robust, heavy-duty and proven to outlast and outperform plywood.

Legend’s 1/2″ thick composite polyethylene rigid floor, composed of 75% recycled material, StabiliGrip, is a robust solution ready to tackle any challenges on the road. It boasts impact and puncture resistance, chemical resistance, moisture resistance, and extreme temperature durability, making StabiliGrip the ultimate all-around protective choice for your van.

stabiligrip legend

Tailored for Electric Vans. Say goodbye to plywood and heavy installations—no drilling into the chassis floor, thanks to the included no-drill fastener kit. Evolve offers the ideal flooring solution for EVs.

This exceptionally lightweight rigid floor is 53% lighter than plywood and crafted from 75% recycled materials. Perfectly suited for electric vehicles, Evolve optimizes battery efficiency while ensuring top-notch protection.

Countless Last-Mile, Grocery Delivery, and urban van fleets have embraced EVOLVE as their go-to rigid floor for Electric Vans.

  • 1/4” thick rubber mat is heavy-duty and long-lasting.

  • One-piece mat no matter the size of vehicle.

  • Very easy to install. Easy to clean.

  • Odour-free rubber mat. Resistant to chemical reactions and waterproof.

  • Ultra non-slip rubber with checker plate surface is ideal where extra traction and safety is needed.

  • Cargo will stay in place rather than shifting around as it would on smooth slippery steel surface.

Legend Van Interior Liners

Wall Liners

Safeguard your van against dents, damage, road noise, sun exposure, cold weather, condensation, and more with industry-leading side-panel protectors. Legend’s precision-fit wall liners offer proven protection for fleet vans in various industries.

These liners act as a protective barrier for the thin metal walls in your vehicle, shielding them from everyday wear caused by cargo, tools, and equipment. Additionally, they create a barrier preventing small packages, envelopes, and tools from getting lost in wall cavities.

With exceptional durability, these liners not only extend the lifespan of your vehicle but also enhance its resale value. When it’s time for a new vehicle, the original metal walls will be in pristine condition!

Ceiling Liners

An essential element for effective heat mitigation and thermal management in your vehicle, Legend Ceiling Liners play a crucial role.

These liners establish a “thermal barrier” between the cargo space and the van’s thin metal panels, protecting against extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold.

Often underestimated, Ceiling Liners are a vital component in insulating the vehicle, reducing noise, and completing a secure, professional van upfit.

Door Liners

Safeguard your van’s sheet metal and window glass from potential damage caused by moving objects inside with Legend Door Liners.

Crafted from the durable material used in Wall Liners, these liners provide additional protection, premium insulation, and sound deadening within the vehicle.

Choose from white or grey options, as Legend offers these door liners for most cargo vans available in the market.

liner beforeliner after

Legend Vehicle Entry

Upstep RS3

Experience innovation with this groundbreaking side step that deploys mechanically as you open and close the door. No need for electrical wiring—it’s automatic, yet not electric. The UpStep offers superior legendary quality, surpassing both fixed and electric steps in longevity and performance.

With nearly 40 inches of non-slip resistance and advanced grip technology, the UpStep is a pioneering solution, completely eliminating concerns about slips and falls. Its fully retractable design ensures no transit damage, as the step neatly stows away with the closing of your side door.

Engineered in Germany and proudly produced in North America.

Grab Handles

Enhance operator mobility with SecuriGrip cargo van grab handles featuring steel construction for maximum grip, coated in high-visibility textured yellow.

Key benefits:

  • Boost operator safety, reducing the risk of injury.
  • Improve efficiency by enabling quick loading and unloading in all weather conditions.
  • Make a brand statement with custom color coating options, available for fleets.

Steel Doorway Thesholds

Enhance safety in high-traffic areas with our door thresholds, available in black or high-visibility yellow.

Crafted from premium 14-gauge steel and coated with a durable non-slip finish, these thresholds provide superior durability and cost-effectiveness compared to factory alternatives.

Aluminum Sill Plates

Safeguard high-traffic areas with side and rear sills, protecting the cargo van floor at entrances. Crafted from high-grade aluminum, these sills are versatile for any van application, ideal for forklift loading and enhanced safety. The raised finish ensures excellent grip in all conditions.

Other Legend Accessories

Motion Censor Ceiling Lights

Illuminate your workspace with our exceptionally bright Motion Sensor Ceiling Lights. Triggered by motion within the chassis, these lights ensure visibility even in the darkest locations. Available in sets of 2, 3, or 4, they are incredibly easy to install with plug-and-play wiring, including fuses, connectors, and lights.

Key Features:

  • Motion Sensor Activated
  • Fast & Easy Installation
  • Extremely Bright Lights
  • Premium Quality & Long Lasting

Wheel Well Covers

Discover the advantages of Wheel Well Covers for cargo vans:

  1. Full Protection: Ensure comprehensive protection for all bare metal panels, especially the vulnerable wheel wells that are prone to quick denting and damage during cargo loading.

  2. Road Noise Reduction: Effectively minimize loud wheel and road noise by enclosing the wheel wells.

  3. Thermal Barrier: Complete the insulation of your van’s interiors with the addition of foiled insulation in the wheel well covers.

  4. Professional Appearance: Elevate your brand and enhance the appearance of your mobile workforce with these wheel well covers.

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