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Thunderbolt Anti-Theft Deadbolt Locks

Thunderbolt Anti-Theft Deadbolt Locks

Preventing Work Van Theft

Work vans are often prime targets for thieves, especially considering the valuable tools and equipment they typically carry. This constant threat of theft can disrupt business operations and cause significant stress for trade professionals. In today’s world, prioritizing the security of your work van is crucial.


Enhanced Security with Anti-Theft Deadbolt Locks

From its inception, Thunderbolt has been dedicated to developing top-notch locking solutions to safeguard vans and trucks against theft. Through relentless innovation and refinement, Thunderbolt has crafted deadbolt lock products that set the industry standard. Each lock undergoes meticulous hand assembly, rigorous inspection, and is proudly shipped worldwide.


Convenient Remote Control Access

Thunderbolt’s deadbolt locks offer the convenience of remote operation, seamlessly integrating with your existing factory key fob. By wiring into the van’s lock motor wires within the door, Thunderbolt ensures that only your key fob can unlock the rear doors if your van’s front door lock buttons have that capability.


Unrivaled Peace of Mind

Unlike visible locking devices that may attract unwanted attention, Thunderbolt’s internal tamper-proof design keeps your van secure without drawing unnecessary notice. By remaining discreetly out of sight, Thunderbolt locks act as a fortress, safeguarding your tools, cargo, and livelihood.


Installed with Pride by TradeWraps

At TradeWraps, we’re committed to providing top-tier Vehicle Wraps and Upfitting services. When we discovered Thunderbolt Anti-Theft Deadbolt Locks, we were impressed by their effectiveness and knew we had to incorporate them into our offerings. In fact, we were so impressed that we installed them on our own showcase vehicle! We wholeheartedly endorse Thunderbolt locks for anyone seeking to fortify their van’s cargo security.

Contact us today to schedule your Wrap and Upfitting package with TradeWraps, and experience unparalleled protection for your work van.

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