Truck Wraps

Many businesses may be reluctant to invest in truck wraps, but smart ones know it’s a necessary marketing strategy. Mobile advertisements, like truck wraps, boost brand recognition 15 times more than other forms of advertisement. They build brand awareness, making your business memorable for existing and potential customers, ultimately converting leads into loyal patrons.

Get High-Quality Truck Wraps from TradeWraps

At TradeWraps, we specialize in truck wraps, offering high-quality service for single trucks or entire fleets. Based in Manassas, VA, serving Northern Virginia, our phenomenal team ensures consistent application across various truck makes and models. Our premium materials and seamless process guarantee exceptional results.

What Sets Our Truck Wrap Service Apart?

  • Material: Discover our top-tier vinyl wrap films paired with protective laminates, ensuring extended durability, and maximum lifespan (meaning your colors won’t fade just after a year). Easily removable and repairable, our truck wraps provide ultimate protection.
  • Design: Have a design in mind? Great! Our team will swiftly bring your vision to life. Need professional assistance? Our expert truck wrap artists are ready to create customized, eye-catching, and affordable designs tailored to your satisfaction.
  • Printing: Experience the stunning quality of our latex print technologies, delivering exceptional results up close and from a distance. The finished product is guaranteed to impress both you and your potential customers.
  • Installation: We execute the installation process with meticulous precision, guaranteeing perfection in every detail. This includes strategic steps like carefully removing mirrors and door handles, ensuring the material is seamlessly applied underneath these areas.

Specialized Truck Wraps for Every Business

Pick-Up Truck Wraps

tradewraps truck wraps

Creating a pick-up truck wrap poses unique challenges due to its smaller and awkward canvas compared to larger work vans or box trucks. To effectively showcase your logo and information on the distinctive shape of pick-up trucks, you require a creative approach. Look no further than TradeWraps! We’ve got you covered with our expert designers who possess an exceptional eye for detail, ensuring the optimal brand image for your pick-up truck fleet.

Box Truck Wraps

box truck wraps

Box trucks provide ample space for logos and graphics, designing for them isn’t a walk in the park. The sheer size and height of a moving box demand the expertise of a professional designer to strategically place essential information at eye level. At TradeWraps, we’ve got your back with skilled designers who ensure optimal visibility and impact for your brand on box trucks.

Food Truck Wraps

For effective food truck wraps, it’s crucial to grab attention from a distance and captivate customers while they wait in line for their delicious lunch. Craft a memorable design for your food truck wrap with TradeWraps to ensure a visually enticing and engaging experience for your audience.

Need a spot to prop up your menu? We got you. Want your menu on the truck itself? We got you. Need crucial pictures of your best selling items? We got you. 

Trust the Wrap & Upfitting Professionals!

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