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We here at TradeWraps are thrilled with the work that Ranger Design has put into their upfitting products. Ranger Design is dedicated to establishing a secure workspace for technicians, aiming to enhance efficiency and organization while minimizing the time spent searching for equipment. Ranger Design is the top tier manufacturer when it comes to fleet vehicle upfitting.

  • ENSURE SAFE STORAGE: Prioritize the safe transport of hazardous materials and secure storage for loose items.
  • MAXIMIZE CARGO SPACE: Optimize your cargo area by incorporating slide-out drawer units, providing ergonomic and organized storage space.
  • INCREASED ONSITE EFFICIENCY: Facilitate quick and easy access to tools on the job, ensuring each item has a designated and accessible place.
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3D Rendered Customization

Navigating through various options and accessories can be overwhelming, right? Fear not! At TradeWraps, we simplify the process. Schedule a Zoom call with our knowledgeable staff, and we’ll guide you through the customization of your project with Ranger Designs’ 3D Rendering Tool. From determining your vehicle’s make and model to selecting the appropriate shelving and partition, we’ll tailor every aspect to your exact specifications.


Ranger Design offers versatile van shelving solutions, available in robust heavy-duty steel for quality and value, or lightweight aluminum for effective weight reduction. Each option includes durable composite boards, addressing both weight concerns and sound issues. Upgrade possibilities abound, with options for bins, dividers, or lockable doors on all shelves. For those requiring regularly modifiable space, such as delivery drivers, there are even fold-away shelves to maximize flexibility.


Explore Ranger Design’s range of robust and noise-resistant drawer systems and storage modules. Crafted with top-tier components, including full-extension, high-capacity ball-bearing drawer slides, secure locks, and Ranger Design’s distinctive braided stainless-steel cable-pull handles, these drawers offer unparalleled organizational quality. Say goodbye to the frustration of jammed, sagging, or improperly latching drawers—we provide the lasting solution you deserve.

Bottle Holders

Whether it’s refrigerant or fire extinguishers, an unsecured gas tank in your cargo hold can lead to disaster. Securing and tying them down in a convenient and efficient manner can be challenging. Fortunately, Ranger Design offers a range of solutions to keep your bottles and tanks securely fastened, ensuring safety and convenience by keeping them out of the way.

Part Cases

Discover Ranger Design’s durable parts cases designed for your various bolts, nuts, and smaller components. These cases can be neatly stacked in drawer-like slots, whether you have just a few or an entire rack of them. Experience space-saving and effortless organization with Ranger Design.

Cab Boxes

Require the same level of security for items in the front cab that necessitate regular access? We have you covered! Offering narrow and larger cab boxes with bases designed for various vans, you can ensure secure storage up front as well!

Lockers and Bookshelves

Require the same level of security for items in the front cab that necessitate regular access? We have you covered! Offering narrow and larger cab boxes with bases designed for various vans, you can ensure secure storage up front as well!

Ranger Design Ladder Racks

The Traditional Max Ladder Rack

Experience seamless and controlled ladder handling with the single-staged drop-down mechanism, prioritizing both operator safety and vehicle protection.

Tough: The interlocking ladder hooks, crafted from aluminum with a protective plastic coating, ensure minimal wear on ladders while securely holding them in place. The Max Rack’s lowering mechanism undergoes rigorous testing in extreme temperatures, exceeding 4000 cycles.

Safe: Enhanced security is achieved through the wind latch locking mechanism, preventing accidental deployment and featuring a padlock-compatible hole. The operator’s movement is further minimized with a sweep angle, while the handle’s 81° motion enables a full 141° rotation for controlled raises and drops.

Simple: Designed to reduce operator effort during ladder maneuvers, this rack caters to users of all experience levels, from first-timers to seasoned operators. Elevate your ladder handling experience with a user-friendly design that prioritizes safety and efficiency.

The Rear Loading Access Stow Ladder Rack

The Access Stow rear-loading system offers an excellent solution for installation on the driver’s side, ensuring enhanced safety by preventing operators from stepping into oncoming traffic. With the optional double ladder kit, this system accommodates two ladders side by side, providing versatile functionality.

Tough: Engineered to meet 20 G crash test standards, the Access Stow is a robust choice designed to handle up to two extension ladders, constructed with heavy-duty aluminum extrusions for durability.

Safe: Operating the Access Stow is user-friendly, conducted at ground level to eliminate the need for climbing or stretching. Durable polyester straps securely fasten the ladders in place, offering reliable restraint.

Simple: The rack smoothly descends to ground level in a single fluid movement, reducing friction during operation through the use of wheels instead of plastic glides. Experience enhanced safety, convenience, and durability with the Access Stow rear-loading system.

Other Upfitting Necessities from Ranger Design


Ranger Design offers a diverse range of partitions to suit various needs. Whether it’s a robust steel partition with perforated or clear composite windows, a lightweight composite option to optimize your vehicle’s payload, or a fully transparent partition for an unobstructed view of the cargo area, Ranger Design has you covered. Each partition is precisely fitted to enhance climate control in the cab, featuring a contoured design that allows for full seat travel and reclining. The rattle-free construction further minimizes noise and fatigue, ensuring a comfortable and efficient driving experience.

Max Step

Elevate your capabilities with Ranger Design’s latest van safety step! The innovative Max Step ensures seamless access to the van’s cargo space and roof rack, offering a sturdy grip in all weather conditions. Prioritize safety with the anti-slip tread plates featuring reflective tape on each step. Built to last, the Max Step boasts an anti-corrosive finish, manufactured to TUV standards to withstand weathering and ensure durability.


Ranger Design offers a tailored rigid flooring system compatible with a wide range of service vans. Engineered to enhance safety and minimize noise during rides, these impact and puncture-resistant floors provide a polished and professional appearance.

Key benefits of these flooring solutions encompass:

  1. Enhanced Safety: Effective load distribution for a safer driving experience.
  2. Thermal Stability: No thermal expansion, preventing buckling or distortion over time.
  3. Vehicle Protection: Safeguards your vehicle and prevents damage to the factory floor.
  4. Noise Reduction: Reduces noise originating from the cargo area for a quieter ride.
  5. Professional Aesthetics: Delivers a clean and professional look that’s easy to maintain.


Upgrade your service van with Ranger Design’s custom-fit flooring system for a safer, quieter, and more professional driving experience.


Transform your commercial van into a versatile mobile workshop with the addition of a workbench, creating a deluxe workstation on the move. Constructed with a durable hardwood top, it’s an ideal surface for tasks such as paperwork, part counting, and any activity that demands a flat surface. Enhance the functionality with additional shelves and drawers within the workbench, along with a locking door for secure storage of your belongings.

Misc Accessories

Even when it comes to the smaller accessories, Ranger Design has your needs covered with their innovative products.

  • Lights: Recognizing that stock van lights may not provide sufficient visibility in the cargo area, Ranger Design introduces long, wide-coverage LED lights to enhance illumination.

  • Hard Hat Holders: Enjoy the convenience of a dedicated space for securely storing your hard hat.

  • Cone Holders: Keep your cones neatly tucked away and out of the way.

  • Hooks: Explore a variety of hooks designed for organizing hoses, coats, tools, and more.

  • Paper Holder: Stay organized with a designated paper holder for neatly storing folders containing information about your different clients, making them easily accessible when needed.

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