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What is Vehicle Upfitting?

Welcome to the world of professional upfitting, where innovation meets functionality to transform your vehicles into tailored solutions. At TradeWraps, our upfitting services are designed to optimize performance, enhance utility, and elevate the efficiency of your fleet. Explore a range of customized options that seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology, ensuring your vehicles are not just on the road but are equipped to meet the demands of your business with precision and style.

We’ve teamed up with Ranger Design to offer a one-stop solution for shelves, drawers, storage, and vehicle wraps. No need to coordinate with multiple vendors – streamline the process and enhance your fleet all at once!

Legend Fleet Solutions

Another company we’ve partnered with for Upfitting is LEGEND! Their uncuttable, unhackable, undrillable, UNBREACHABLE locks are what attracted us to them. But that’s not all they do right.

Legend also specializes in van insulation, flooring, and easy entry, making your vans more accessible to your techs. Gotta appreciate even the small things in life!

Thunderbolt Anti-Theft Deadbolt Locks

Want a different solution for your locks? Want something completely hidden from view, leaving thieves guessing why they can’t open your door? Then look no further, Thunderbolt Anti-Theft Deadbolt Locks are what you’re looking for!

These deadbolts are tied to your keyfob’s lock and unlock functionality. There’s even a module to install so that if someone breaks your driver’s window and attempts to unlock your vehicle using the unlock button in the door, nothing will happen, keeping your cargo safe and sound.


TradeWraps is a proud partner of DECKED. They are mostly known for their Drawer systems in pick-up trucks. However, not only do they manufacture the same system for work vans like Transits and Sprinters, they also have a product called the Cargoglide! Instead of climbing into your van or truck bed to grab the tools you need (or 1 big item), you can slide out a heavy payload rated tray that brings everything outside of your cab, easy to unload once you’re at the jobsite!

Why Upfit with TradeWraps?

So you just hired a new tech. They’re almost ready to hit the field. You just bought a new work van for them so that they’re upfitted with all the tools they need, and outfitted with your company’s brand to advertise in your local area.

There’s a problem though, your upfitter is taking an extra day to finish installing the shelving in one of the vans. That extra day is when you needed to drop the van off to get wrapped. Now you need to wait a few more days to get rescheduled with the wrap company.


More Downtime

But now because of the schedule mishap, you can’t get anyone to go and drive that vehicle to the wrap company, and have someone be able to bring them back, not at least for a couple more days.

Because of 1 extra day at the upfitter, you now have to wait…let’s say a week in order to get that vehicle on the road, leaving one of your new team members without a vehicle, unable to work. That one day messed up the entire schedule.

Time is Money

Now this tech…let’s say they were about to hit the ground running and do a full day’s work. Let’s say that would have brought in $2000 on their first day. They’ve been unable to work for a whole week, 5 business days, so $10,000…on hold…all because of 1 single mishap, 1 day. Let’s not forget that the new tech is on payroll at this point.

Well I got a secret for you, what if I told you that you no longer have to worry about this hypothetical situation which, let’s be honest, happens all the time. What if I told you that you could get your vehicle upfitted AND wrapped at one place?

Here at TradeWraps, we’ve got you covered! Request a quote from us and we’ll show you how we can save you time and money with your fleet vehicles!

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