Commercial Vehicle Wraps

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Commercial Vehicle Wraps

Some business owners may hesitate to invest in commercial vehicle wraps, but savvy ones know it’s a crucial marketing strategy. Mobile billboards, like fleet wraps, boost name recognition 15 times more effectively than other advertising forms. They build brand awareness, making your business memorable for existing and potential customers, ultimately converting leads into loyal patrons.
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Discover Top-Notch Commercial Vehicle Wraps at TradeWraps

At TradeWraps, we specialize in commercial vehicle wraps, offering high-quality service for single vehicles or entire fleets. Based in Manassas, VA, our experienced team ensures consistent application across various commercial vehicle makes and models. Our top-of-the-line materials and seamless process guarantee exceptional results.

What Sets Our Vehicle Wrap Service Apart?

  • Material: Discover our top-tier vinyl wrap films paired with protective laminates, ensuring extended durability, and maximum lifespan (meaning your colors won’t fade just after a year). Easily removable and repairable, our wraps provide ultimate protection.
  • Design: Have a design in mind? Great! Our team will swiftly bring your vision to life. Need professional assistance? Our expert vehicle wrap artists are ready to create customized, eye-catching, and affordable designs tailored to your satisfaction.
  • Printing: Experience the stunning quality of our latex print technologies, delivering exceptional results up close and from a distance. The finished product is guaranteed to impress both you and your customers.
  • Installation: We execute the installation process with meticulous precision, guaranteeing perfection in every detail. This includes strategic steps like carefully removing mirrors and door handles, ensuring the material is seamlessly applied underneath these areas.

Customized Car Wraps Tailored to your Needs

Promote your brand effectively with a customized car, food truck, SUV, or bus graphic wrap. Increase brand awareness and reach tens of thousands of people daily, even when parked strategically.

Advantages of Commercial Vehicle Wraps:

  • Enhance your Brand Awareness: Your vehicles hold incredible potential for brand exposure, reaching tens of thousands of people daily based on traffic and location. This impact isn’t limited to when you’re on the move; even when parked on a bustling street or outside a customer’s location, your wrap remains highly effective. Fleet wraps contribute to a consistent and expanding brand awareness, leading to increased phone calls as people remember your name when your commercial wrap is skillfully executed.
  • Build Trust with Commercial Vehicle Wraps: Truck wraps, bus graphics, trailer wraps, and commercial car wraps serve as powerful statements to your customers—they convey that your business is serious and here for the long haul. Commercial vehicle wraps play a crucial role in establishing and nurturing trust with your audience.
  • Showcase Your Expertise Through Wrapping: A well-branded truck wrap communicates a message of competence and expertise. It signifies that your business possesses the skills and knowledge that make choosing your services a worthwhile investment. Demonstrate your proficiency and make a lasting impression with professionally executed truck wrapping.
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Specialized Truck Wraps for Every Business

Utilize your commercial fleet as a mobile billboard with our specialized box truck wraps, pickup truck wraps, and food truck wraps, designed to enhance brand awareness and engagement.

Van Wraps for Effective Advertising

Extend your advertising efforts with van wraps, turning work vans into effective communication tools for potential customers.

Trailer Wraps for Large-Scale Brand Promotion

Transform tractor-trailers into mobile billboards, increasing brand awareness on a larger scale.

Fleet Wraps for Unified Branding

Unlock the potential of your commercial fleet with impactful design, a crucial factor in enhancing mobile advertising effectiveness. Craft distinct fleet graphics to establish a cohesive visual identity that not only amplifies your brand but also captures attention, providing people with compelling reasons to engage with your services.

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