Wrapped With Love. Some of Our Most Important Wraps Are Done Out of the Kindness of Our Hearts.

Butterbean, et al

Butterbean, et alTradeWraps is very active in the community; donating numerous wall wraps to charity auctions, donations to breast cancer organizations for pink wraps, and our most active contribution is the Wrap Buddies program.

TradeWraps participates in the Wrap Buddies program, which provides free wraps for children’s medical helmets. Known as DOC bands, the helmets are an integral part of treating plagiocephaly, a condition where one side of an infant’s skull is flattened.

To correct the asymmetry, doctors apply a medical helmet for the child to wear 23 hours of the day. The Wrap Buddies program involves designing a fun, custom graphic wrap for the helmets. This helps encourage self-conscious children to wear the helmets, making it easier for parents. Each month we have a completely free Wrap Buddies party. To date, we have proudly wrapped over 100 helmets.


Thank you so much TradeWraps for the awesome DOC Band wrap! Claesen, aka Butterbean, receives so many compliments on his helmet especially from the ladies! You have taken a boring helmet and made it cool! Butterbean has to wear this thing 23 out of 24 hours a day for 3 to 4 months and now that it looks so fun, it makes it easier to put it on him every day. Thank you again for giving us this gift, it means the world to us!

— Christina Wyckoff

In the few weeks Will has had a cranial band we have seen noticeable improvement. Cranial bands are becoming more and more common, however the general public has no idea what it is, or the purpose it serves. When Will first got his plain white band, we as parents knew it was the right thing, but worried about what the general public thought when they saw him. Since having the wrap done I feel like the looks we receive have gone from judgment, to looks of curiosity. We have received many compliments on the design of the band, and we owe that all to you, TradeWraps. Will is very lucky he is only a moderate case, which is an 8 to 10 week sentence. There are plenty of cases much more severe, which could have the child in a band for 6 months or more. At least by having a nice design it attracts positive attention and gives the child a unique look that is aesthetically pleasing. Thank you for all you have done for my son and all of the DOC Band children.

— Aaron Zenoniani

TradeWraps, you are an AMAZING company! My family and I cannot be more grateful for everything you’ve done for us. Our 5 month old baby had to wear the DOC band = helmet in order to have the shape of the head round. We just started our third week of 10 week “sentence”. Did I mention that it is hot July? Feels like a nightmare for any parent who sees his/her child in it. The plain, white helmet looks like prosthetics and Max looked although happy, but handicapped in it. We placed some stickers on it and bought some child safe paint/colors to make it look better. 2 weeks passed by and my husband took Max to his weekly visit to the doctor’s office. Luckily for us, there was a mother with her child whose helmet looked absolutely beautiful and before my husband could ask her, she jumped out of her chair and said: have you heard about TradeWraps who do the DOC Band wraps any design if you don’t want to choose one that they provide and it is free. It took us a few minutes the same day to sign up, pick the design we loved and an appointment was made this Tuesday. And what a HUGE difference!!! Now when we look at ABSOLUTELY PERFECT JOB that TradeWrap performed on Max’ helmet, we don’t see a handicapped child, now WE LOVE HOW MAX LOOKS IN IT and it is all THANKS TO YOU!!! The gentleman who put the wrap around the DOC band put the Goofy hat on to cheer the baby. Max was very much entertained with an artist “doggie”. My words cannot express the appreciation and the feeling we have for your company. You are making our journey with the DOC Band so pleasant, easy and simply wonderful. If we say that it means the world to us will be too little. YOU GUYS ROCK!!! Everybody on my Facebook page and at work asked us where does the design come from. The helmet now has more likes than our wedding pictures :). TradeWraps, people around me know who you are – in my experience, you are the ones who make us wish; I wish my other kid need the helmet also. Your work is amazing, your attitude is undefeatable and your talent doesn’t have the boundaries. We CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH!!!! And you healed us for free!!! You ask for smiles only instead of a payment, but you receive more than that, you receive tremendous appreciation and a bottomless love! THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!!!!! You make the world so much easier place to live in; you make it just beautiful!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Max, family and friends

— Sophie Francesca Metreveli

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