Cyclical Time & Ismaili Gnosis (Islamic Texts and Contexts) by Corbin

By Corbin

First released in 1983. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa corporation.

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98 above and nn. 76-80 of Part 1. Cf. ), p. 24. There are abundant exemplifications of the archetype; cf. the motif of the robe in Acta Thomae, etc. 103 Tasawwurat, pp. 91-92 (63 of the text). It is to accomplish (and undergo) the metamorphosis of the ta'wil; cf. above, n. 86, and Nasir-e Khosraw, Jami' al-Hikmatain, ch. 14, pp. 163, 166 (to be on the Earth of Tomorrow, which it is said will be illumined by the Light of its Lord, whereas today this Earth still holds us shrouded in Night). 104 Tasawwurat, p.

It goes without saying that this epiphanic relation, 13 We are thinking here of Martin Werner's important work, Die Entstehung des christUcken Dogmas (Bern and Leipzig, 1941), and the polemic raised by Werner Michaelis, Zur Engelchristologie im Urchristentum (Basel, 1942), which provoked "refutations" that were far from always being convincing. Cf. a first reply by Werner, "Christus Angelus" in Schweizerische Theologische Umschau (June, 1943), pp. 62ff. (containing, among other things, a comparison between Barbel's book cited above and that of Michaelis).

Ad 2 : 254; 4 : 169; 5 : 109; 19 : 17-19. e t c -)- It goes without saying that to appreciate the Docetism of the taf sirs one must bear in mind the remark made above (n. 9). 41 Gabriel, the Angel of the Annunciation and the Revelations, is the Angel of the theophanies that were given to the prophet Mohammed. The Koran verses (53 : 3-4; 81:19-29) preserve the memory of the first grandiose visions when the Prophet, emerging from his tent, contemplated the majesty of the Angel whose outspread wings covered the whole horizon.

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