The Other Global City by Shail Mayaram

By Shail Mayaram

This edited quantity interrogates the "global towns" literature, which perspectives the town as a shimmering, monetary "global network." via a historical-ethnographic exploration of inter-ethnic relatives within the "other worldwide" towns of Cairo, Beirut, Istanbul, Bukhara, Lhasa, Delhi, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Tokyo, the well known members spotlight cartographies of the opposite worldwide urban. the quantity contends that pondering town within the longue duree and as a part of a topography of interconnected areas contests either imperial and nationalist methods of examining towns that experience occasioned the numerous and especially violent territorial walls in Asia and the area.

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He explores practices of neighborliness: Muslims who attend Christian schools and Copts who go to Muslim awqaf schools; the mutuality of cleaning sidewalks and quotidian conversation; watching over each other’s business and borrowing food and money; an overlapping ritual life manifest in attending each other’s festivities. Some households even keep both Qur’an and Bible at home and there is also a world of furtive sexuality exemplified by Muslim-Copt romances. Public spaces and electoral politics bring people together as in the campaign of 2002 when a Muslim campaigned on sectarian lines but other Muslims went ahead and elected a Christian candidate in Shubra.

What complicates this history is that these millets did indeed develop and fulfill national aspirations in the modern sense later in the nineteenth century. Thus, I prefer to discuss these with the sociological concept “social group” or simply “group” to avoid anachronism or historicism. These groups had various governing rights and privileges within the framework of Ottoman imperial administration (Braude and Lewis). The two major non-Muslim groups were Jews and Christians. The latter included Greeks and Armenians.

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