Sourcebook of Social Support and Personality, 1st Edition by Gregory R. Pierce, Brian Lakey, Irwin G. Sarason, Barbara R.

By Gregory R. Pierce, Brian Lakey, Irwin G. Sarason, Barbara R. Sarason, Helene J. Joseph (auth.), Gregory R. Pierce, Brian Lakey, Irwin G. Sarason, Barbara R. Sarason (eds.)

The paintings of forty seven individuals from the united states, Canada, and Israel, the Sourcebook offers particular consciousness to the complexity of the social aid build, increasing the field's theoretical base via heavily reappraising social help study within the context of findings from different fields of psychology and comparable disciplines. character methods are targeted to account for saw institutions among social aid and actual health. a number of new reports are integrated which illustrate empirical methods to exploring those approaches. And key contributions spotlight the good strides made in realizing the hyperlinks between own inclinations, situational contexts, and in all likelihood supportive transactions.

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Thus, while we recognize the difficulties inherent in developing a fully articulated 33 RELATIONAL SCHEMAS AND SOCIAL SUPPORT model of perceived support, we suggest that whereas global or aggregate measures of perceived support might identify central, default dispositions toward seeking social support, much increased specificity in behavioral prediction will come from studying people's specific if-then expectations (Mischel, 1973). Ultimately, of course, the goal should be to map out the nature of cognitive structures encompassing both general and specific models.

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