An Introduction to Organometallic Chemistry by A.W. Parkins

By A.W. Parkins

This booklet offers an built-in view of the organometallic chemistry of transition and non-transition components. Early chapters care for the fundamental ideas, practise and constitution of organometallic compounds. next chapters speak about the reactivity of those compounds and the purposes of organometallic compounds as stoichiometric reagents and catalysts. The textual content is comprehensively referenced all through and can be a consultant to organometallic literature, expanding its usefulness to all these keen on the examine or educating of this more and more very important department of undergraduate chemistry.

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The electronic configuration of the central atom and the presence or absence of lone pairs are the most 3 STRUCTURE AND BONDING IN ORGANOMETALLICS 43 important. In addition to these simple considerations, which apply to all compounds, two additional factors need to be considered. These are the possible occurrence of bridging by the organic groups between metal atoms, and metalmetal bonding. The bridges are important from a theoretical point of view as sometimes the carbon atoms in the bridge are bonded to five other atoms.

However, Au(I1I) alkyls, which again require an additional ligand for stabilisation are square planar, as in IV (Baker and Pauling, 1969). There are /C 6 F S F S C6 , Cl/ Au '-PPh 3 IV III also many polynuclear compounds containing Au- C bonds, and some of these also contain direct Au-Au bonds. 2 Group II Derivatives Grignard reagents formally represented by RMgX are the most important organic derivatives of Group I1a. , 1974) and the structures are complicated. In 1929 Schlenk and Schlenk showed that if dioxan was added to a solution of a Grignard reagent in diethyl ether, most of the halide was precipitated as the dioxan complex of MgX 2 .

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