After culture: Anthropology as radical metaphysical critique by Mark Hobart

By Mark Hobart

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Do Muslim or Hindu Indonesians, for instance, feel entirely happy with this? Cultural analysis as a set of intellectual practices starts to look then as if it is more closely linked than its promotional claims suggest with perpetuating (an increasingly American) hegemony. It also helps to bring about closure around the familiar and the disarticulation of a whole range of alternative ways of thinking, which cultural analysis ensures we shall never know about. What then are the politics of cultural analysis?

10. Culture as discipline – Culture is something you learn in a disciplined fashion, and the learning itself is cultural. Culture induces an attitude of, and should be 35 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. the object of, respect. More prosaically, there are exhortations to cultivate (membudayakan) a clean and healthy lifestyle. Culture as influence – Indonesians in general, and Balinese especially, have to beware of foreign cultures. They bring with them influence, which is invariably imagined as a bad thing, as it seduces Balinese away from their own culture, especially in tourist centres like Kuta.

The Arts Festival is one way to construct and develop Balinese cultural arts (seni budaya) and simultaneously a means to promoting tourism40. It was also a means of pushing artists to become more creative. So the theme of this Arts Festival was the realization of the national spirit, because in an era of global competition, the country needed to increase society’s enthusiasm to develop and improve on the past. Included in development are the nation’s arts and culture so as to possess 39 The commentator on the procession was Dr Wayan Dibia, then Deputy Director of STSI.

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