A Visual Introduction to the Fourth Dimension (Rectangular by Chris McMullen

By Chris McMullen

This colourful, visible creation to the fourth measurement presents a transparent clarification of the thoughts and various illustrations. it's written with a slightly of character that makes this a fascinating learn rather than a dry math textual content. The content material is especially obtainable, but whilst distinct adequate to fulfill the pursuits of complicated readers. This ebook is dedicated to geometry; there are not any religious or spiritual elements to this booklet. could you get pleasure from your trip into the attention-grabbing global of the fourth dimension!


  • Introduction
  • Chapter zero: what's a Dimension?
  • Chapter 1: Dimensions 0 and One
  • Chapter 2: the second one Dimension
  • Chapter three: third-dimensional Space
  • Chapter four: A Fourth measurement of Space
  • Chapter five: Tesseracts and Hypercubes
  • Chapter 6: Hypercube Patterns
  • Chapter 7: Planes and Hyperplanes
  • Chapter eight: Tesseracts in Perspective
  • Chapter nine: Rotations in 4D Space
  • Chapter 10: Unfolding a Tesseract
  • Chapter eleven: pass Sections of a Tesseract
  • Chapter 12: dwelling in a 4D House
  • Further Reading
  • Glossary
  • About the Author

Put in your spacesuit, strap in your security harness, swallow your anti-nausea medication, and luxuriate in this trip right into a fourth size of house! 10D, 9D, 8D, 7D, 6D, 5D, 4D, 3D, 2nd, 1D, 0D. Blast off!

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The rays of light that strike your pupil travel in different directions from different parts of the object. You can see this in the previous figure. When you look down a hallway, for example, as illustrated in a couple of the previous pictures, the front square appears larger than the rear square because the rays of light coming from its edges make a wider angle relative to your eye. The illustration below shows a 2D monkey (remember, you have to pin your own tail on the monkey in this book) viewing a tree in perspective.

Every object would look like a line! Did you enjoy contemplating the challenges of designing a 2D world? K. Dewdney. It's a great story where a team of computer scientists discover a 2D universe. It's extremely detailed and very well thought out, and also easy and entertaining to read – it reads like a novel, but is very informative about the second dimension and nicely illustrated. A more popular book on the second dimension, including analogies with 3D and 4D, is Edwin A. Abbott's Flatland. You have to read Flatland if you consider yourself to be a fan of the fourth dimension to any degree.

For example, the planes xy and yz intersect at the y-axis. In 4D space, there are 6 mutually orthogonal planes (remember, they're made out of monkey wallpaper): xy, yz, zw, wx, xz, and yw. The intersection between two of these planes is either a line or a point. When there is a common axis, the intersection is a line (long, straight monkey tail). For example, zw and xz intersect along the z-axis. When there isn't a common axis, the intersection is a single point – the origin, located at (0,0,0,0).

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