The History of Aden by Dr Z H Kour, Z.H. Kour

By Dr Z H Kour, Z.H. Kour

Эта книга повествует о британской оккупации Адена в 1839-1872 гг. Англия заняла Аден в 1839 г., чтобы предотвратить возможные действия Франции и из-за его превосходного местоположения. Текст, главным образом, основан на документах Индийского архива в Лондоне и Шотландского архива в Эдинбурге. Текст монолитен и посвящен следующим вопросам: 1) расширению поселения, 2) торговле, three) администрации и управлению, four) деловыми отношениями с султаном Лахиджа.
Отмечены особенности этого периода - постоянное препирательство между политическим и военным командующими и их деловые отношения с Ост-Индской компанией и британским правительством, которое изрядно «зажимало» любое положительное действие, плюс мелкие подкупы племенных вождей во внутренних районах, ради удержания мира. Однако, все это сказывалось на ситуации в целом регионе.Образцы сканов:

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The annual return of births, marriages, and deaths asked for was never supplied, The Assistant Civil Surgeon was appointed Registrar of Marriages under Section 18 of India Act V, 1852, but no additional salary followed the appointment because the Bombay Government thought that it would be ‘a sinecure’, and so it would have been. In September 1854, Outran reported that ‘following an increase of deaths from sickness’,60 he had started a register of deaths, but this register was never mentioned again.

On 13 May 1842, Haines reported that he had allocated ground for several large houses and 153 shops of stone, and many other shops of mat and bamboo. The settler was to build within a given period, otherwise the land was to be taken from him and given to somebody else. If at a future date the Government found it necessary to demolish a certain building, it was to pay the owner a fair compensation and grant him another site. As a precaution against fire, Haines ruled that all houses built in the new town should be of stone.

For military reasons, he decided that no houses should be built too close to the Khusaf Valley and the Main Pass, and until the fortifications were completed, no building whatsoever should be allowed on Western Bay. Now that Aden was ‘to be converted into a fortified place of some importance’, Hardinge thought that the advantages and disadvantages of allowing a new town on Western Bay should be 32 THE HISTORY OF ADEN 1839–72 weighed. He himself argued that the commercial advantages would be very small compared with the military disadvantages, a change to the Special Committee’s opinion.

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