The First Six Books of The Elements of Euclid: and by John Casey LL.D.

By John Casey LL.D.

This version of the weather of Euclid, undertaken on the request of the principals of a few of the major schools and colleges of eire, is meant to provide a wish a lot felt through lecturers at present day the creation of a piece which, whereas giving the unrivalled unique in all its integrity, might additionally comprise the trendy conceptions and advancements of the component to Geometry over which the weather expand. A cursory exam of the paintings will exhibit that the Editor has long gone a lot additional during this latter course than any of his predecessors, for will probably be came across to comprise, not just extra real topic than is given in any of theirs with which he's familiar, but in addition a lot of a different personality, which isn't given, as far as he's conscious, in any former paintings at the topic. the nice extension of geometrical equipment lately has made this type of paintings a need for the coed, to allow him not just to learn with virtue, yet even to appreciate these mathematical writings of contemporary occasions which require a correct wisdom of common Geometry, and to which it's actually the easiest advent.

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The solution is given by the familiar quadratic formula, taught in virtually every elementary school in the world. It has two solutions. The positive solution is: The negative solution is: Since Φ is a ratio of lengths, only the positive solution makes sense. Note that the digits of Φ never form a repeating pattern as they go on and on. That means that Φ is an irrational number, and can’t be represented using integers and fractions. This is why Euclid could not compute its value. He had to refer to it in a ratio with a known number.

In other words, if , then . The following table shows the geometric solution. Step 1: Erect a square on line segment (L = a + b), and form area 1 with four areas. Step 2: Erect a rectangle on line segment a and form area 2 with three areas. •area 1: L2 = a2 + b2 + 2ab •area 2: a * (L+a) = 2a2 + ab Step 3: We will use proposition 11 in Book II as the template. If area 1 equals area 2, then (L + a) is cut in the extreme and mean ratio and (L = a+b) is the greater segment. Therefore, equating area 1 and area 2: L2 = a*(L + a) a2 + b2 + 2ab = 2a2 + ab Rearranging: a2 = ab + b2 = b(a + b) = bL Since it was given that L is cut in Φ proportion, area 1 equals area 2.

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