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But then he always closed. returned to his true love. He wears black leather cowboy Receptionist clothes and has a fondness for classic Harley-Davidson Oh dear. Please accept my apologies and motorbikes, which he has been riding for the past fifteen I hope you haven’t been inconvenienced (8) too years. ‘I’ve had about ten of them,’ he says coolly. many/too much. (1 point for each correct answer) 1 B J Cunningham has been a smoker for more than half his life. ____ 2 B J smokes one cigarette after another.

She can’t have seen you. They must have played badly. They could have won the lottery. They might have had bad weather. You could have left it at school. © Oxford University Press Photocopiable 5 6 7 8 45 optimistic generous unsociable ambitious 5 (Possible answers) 1 They might have gone to the wrong gate. 2 She must have passed her driving test. 3 They might have heard a joke. 4 He might have lost his job. 5 He must have fallen in the river. 6 She might have spoken to her boyfriend. 6 1 2 3 4 So am I!

I’ve completed They have been playing I’ve visited We’ve watched 6 1 Would you mind telling me how much you earn? 2 I can’t remember who the person is I need to speak to. 3 I wonder if he always gets such good marks. 4 Have you any idea when you will be able to give me an answer? 5 I’d like to know if/whether we can get a bus directly to the airport. 6 Do you know if he got a place at university? 7 1 He asked me if/whether I would be able to play in the team. 2 She asked them what they thought of the new art gallery.

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