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What Separates Us From The Rest?

We are a Vehicle Wrap company that does vehicle wraps, not a sign company that tries to do vehicle wraps.


“A great design is the first key to a successful wrap. If the design isn’t eye-catching with a clear message, then the quality of the print and install is irrelevant.”
-Brad Rapone

Our design team is dedicated to providing the most efficient, and unique way to market your business! All of our designers are educated in the art of vehicle wraps.


Quality of our prints and installation are very important to us. We use state of the art latex printing technology paired with the most dependable 3M™ Wrap Films. Many companies are using lower quality products, and unqualified installers that could damage your vehicle. We have stayed true to our product, and you can trust every wrap is done right. Our high standards help us stand out from the competition.


We understand that your vehicle is a major source of revenue. We work with you to schedule the installation so that your vehicle is back on the road as soon as possible.


Customer Service Representatives are dedicated to making sure you have the best experience at TradeWraps. Call today, and have one of our CSRs answer your questions, provide a quote, and even schedule your next installation dates.


  • Fleet advertising boosts name recognition 15 times greater than any other form of advertising.
  • One vehicle wrap can generate 30,000 to 70,000 impressions daily.
  • A great design is the first key to a successful wrap. If the design isn’t eye-catching with a clear message, then the quality of the print and install is irrelevant.
  • You can’t turn off the message conveyed by a vehicle wrap like you can on TV or radio. It provides valuable advertising 24/7.
  • All 3M™ Wrap Films are removable, and remove 50% faster than any other wrap film.


Alan Givens started TradeWraps when he noticed that there was no one around who could provide a quality wrap for his mechanical contractor company. “Wrapping my fleet taught me a thing or two. I learned that design matters. I learned that the quality of the materials and the installation process both make a significant impact on how long your wrap will last. In fact, these factors will determine whether your investment lasts for one year or five years.” A few years later Alan made Brad Rapone (3M™ Preferred Installer) partner. Now more than ever, TradeWraps is dedicated to bringing quality designs, prints, installation, and customer service Nationwide.

“You can benefit from the knowledge I have amassed over the years to get great-looking, durable, and cost-effective wraps for your fleet from the very beginning. If you want your wraps to last and look great for years, please consider TradeWraps.”

—Alan Givens